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Sideshow Cocktail Bar is more than a Bar

Sideshow Spirit adds the element of a show to serving that perfect cocktail.

It all starts the moment you walk through the door, the whole space is designed so that every cocktail puts on a show. From the menu to the speak-easy feel, it was all picked by hand to create an experience for all! As you enter the bar the majority of the light comes from the lighted barback to draw your eye to the spirits, with our Sideshow Spirits being the focal point. This continues on the drink menu.

Benton, the Head Bartender, designs the menu and crafts the majority of cocktails to accent the speak-easy feel with whisper of old-timey charm in a modern atmosphere and focus on Sideshow Spirits. The specialty curtains give you a peek into the distillery and adds to the inviting, relaxed atmosphere. It also adds a Man Behind the Curtain feel, which is a cocktail that you can’t leave without trying. Sideshow's menu is full of pop-culture references, metaphors and read between the line moments. Another favorite drink with such a reference is Tastes Like Snozzberries.

Step Right Up! Step Right Up to the show that is Sideshow Spirits and Ciders. The cocktail bar has an elevated vibe that continues with their specialty events. A new event that has recently been added is Sideshow Sessions, which is where on Saturdays local musicians come and play to create a chill outdoor lounge. Don’t pull a Disappearing Act until you have attended a cocktail pairing event. There was just a Summer Cocktail and Chocolate pairing that sold out where the Disappearing Act cocktail was paired with a Candied Jalapeño Snack Cake with passionfruit buttercream & lime. The next pairing event will be on September 11th, this pairing event will be a Five Course Dinner with Cocktail Pairing with Chef Kevin Shinn. When you are ready to get in your Showcar and hit the road for Midnight Borough grab your favorite Sideshow Spirit or shirt to go from The Showroom.

It’s All Part of the Show!

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